Jumat, 13 November 2009

Kisah Orang yang Taubat dari Tasawwuf

Dr. Mohammad Abu Ruhayyim:

The last scene of Shaikh Albani’s funeral reminded me of the first time we met, thirty years ago. At that time I was wearing the clothing of Sufism, whipping my cheeks at the doorsteps of the Sufi Shaikhs.

In those days, my Sufi Shaikhs disguised ignorance as a gain for me! I do not only mean by ignorance my participation in circles of Zikr and innovated meditation, at which I later became very proficient. In fact, I promised Allah SWT that I constantly accompany my Shaikh, who generated in me a false will to open the closed gates of an eternal kingdom.

My ignorance went beyond that. It caused me not to know what was happening around me, and who deserved to be considered ignorant and misguided.

So one day my ill feelings towards Shaikh Albani forced me to ask him a question while I was influenced with backgrounds of challenging him:

Why are you an enemy of the four Imams?

This is what the enemies of Shaikh Albani’s Salafi methodology used to spread about him.

As soon as I uttered my question, and although I was just a youth in my first year in the college of Shariah, I found the coolness of Shaikh Albani’s hand touching mine. He took me to a side where he conversed with me patiently.

I left that conversation surprised and curious. I met him several times later, and found him to be a specialized scholar, a tough debater, a reviver of the Sunnah, a killer of Bid’ah, a caller for pure Tawheed, and a war against all types of Shirk, all while the tranquility of Hadeeth was prevalent over his face.

He later attended my wedding to a Syrian girl which his wife, Khadija Qadiri, selected for me. He also gave me a good recommendation to complete higher education at Umm Al-Qura University. This recommendation is still present in my file.