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Kitab Sufi (Thabaqatus Asy-Sya'raniy) dalam Timbangan Al-Qur'an dan As-Sunnah Bagian 1

I started the translation of كتب الصوفية في الميزان and in this thread I'll be adding the translations insha'Allaah.

The translation is not really accurate, but we're learning from each other, so please, if you see any mistakes and/or you think that you have a better way to put a sentence, please, don't hesitate, just send me a message and I'll edit the posts insha'Allah.

Now, the first post is about (Tabaqaat ush-Sha'raany), and I leave you with the translation ...

(Tabaqaat ush-Sha'raany)
This book of Sha'raany is considered to be one of the most important references of superstition in the books of Sufism, and they – the Sufis – deny it's Sha'raany's writing when confronted with it and claim that it's been added to the book without him being acknowledged.
Assuming the validity of this, there are still two problems:

First: That Sufis got a new habit, when they are confronted with these superstitions they say it's interpolated, and when they sit alone with each other they quote it. An example of that is what we documented about the contemporary propagandist of Sufism "Ali Al-Jefry Al-Yamany" while he was quoting one of these superstitions of Sha'raany. Click Here!

Second: That the whole book – except some insignificant information – is full of superstition, so we don't know which is interpolated, the insignificant pages of truth or the great deal of superstition. For documenting, here are some quotes:

Sha'raany said in [his book] (2-87) Dar ul-3elm lel-Jamee3 Edition: ((Sheikh Husain Abu Ali – may Allah be pleased with him, - that sheikh was one of the perfect people of knowledge and owners of big circles, and he was in constant development, you – sometimes- find him a soldier, then you enter and find him a beast of prey, then you find him an elephant, then you see him a child and so on, he remained in solitude with a closed door for forty years, it didn't have but a hole for air to enter, and he used to take some of the soil and give people gold and silver, and he who didn't know the status of the poor used to say that this is alchemy "not sure of the last part of the translation"

He also said: ((They dropped in on the sheikh and cut him into pieces with swords and took him in a sack and thrown him on the pile, and they took a thousand of [Dinaars] then they came in the morning and found sheikh Husain – may Allah be pleased with him – sitting, so he said unto them: the moon fooled you. The mongooses used to follow him wherever he walked in the streets, so they called his followers, "An-Nomoosyyah", and he – may Allah be pleased with him – was innocent of all that his followers did and caused them to be killed)).

He also said: (2-66) in the biography of Yusuf Al-Ajamy Al-Koorany: (( .. and when he – may Allah be pleased with him – left the solitude, his eyes used to look like a piece of firebrand burning, and whosoever put his eyes on him, his eyes turned into pure gold, one day, he put his eyes on a dog, all the dogs followed him (the dog), if he stops they stop, and if he walks they walk)) until he said: (( .. and it happened once that he left the solitude of forty, and he put his eyes on a dog, all the gods followed him (the dog), and when people needed something they ran to him (the dog) to do it for them, when this dog got ill, all the dogs gathered around him crying, and showing sadness, and when he died they started crying and wailing, Allah (swt) inspired to some people that they should bury him (the dog), so the dogs kept visiting his grave until they died)).

Sha'raany said: (( .. so, this is one look to this dog, and it did all that, what if this look was to a human being?!!)).

He also said in the biography of Shams ed-Deen Muhammad ul-7anafy (2-88): (( .. and one of them is our master and lord Shams ud-Deen el-7anafy, may Allah be pleased with him and have mercy upon him)). Until he said: (( .. and when his death was near, he never stopped crying, day or night, humbleness, humility and submission were pitched over him until he asked Allah (swt) - before his death – to try him with lice, sleeping with dogs, and dying in the middle of the road, and all that happened to him before his death, so lice multiplied on him till it started walking on his bed, a dog dropped in on him, slept with him on his bed for more than two nights, he died on the border of his courtyard, and people were passing by him in the streets)).

He said: (( .. and my master – Ali ibn wafa – said unto him: what do you say about a man who has the hand mill of existence in his hands, he moves it as he wills.? So my master Muhammad – may Allah be pleased with him – said unto him: what do you say about him who puts his hand on it (the hand mill) and stops it from moving?!!)).

He said also in the biography of Abee-l-khayr Al-Kulaibaaty (2-143): (( .. he – may Allah be pleased with him – was one of the saints, and he had great miracles with the people in Egypt and the people of his time, the dogs that used to follow him were Jinns, and they used to satisfy the needs of people, he used to order the one who asks for help to buy a pound of meat for the dog who went with him to do what he needs, and he – most of his times – used to be putting his face in the hole of the toilet in the place where people make wudu' in the Masjid of Al-7aakim, and also used to enter the Masjid with the dogs, one of the judges disapproved that of him, so he said: those people are not unjust and they don't bear witness of falsehood)).

and also said (2-144): (( .. and one of them is my master Su3ood ul-Majzoob – may Allah be pleased with him – he was one of the people who see that which is unseen, and he had a dog, as big as a donkey, this dog was always putting his (the dog) mouth on his shoulder)).

and said also in the biography of Barakaat, the tailor (2-144): (( .. and his shop was stinking and dirty because every dead dog, cat or lamb he found, he used to put it in the shop, and nobody could ever stay in his shop)).

and also said (2-184): the righteous sheikh Abdul-Qaadir As-Subky one of the people of Allah, he was one of the people of management in one of the villages of Egypt, may Allah be pleased with him: (( and he almost always saw that which is unseen, no walls or big distance could stop him from seeing what a person does in the bottom of his house, he once got engaged to a bride, he saw her and he liked her, so he took off all his clothes before her in the presence of her father, and said: you too, have a look, so you don't say after that: “his body is rough” or “he has leprosy” or something else, then he took hold of his penis, and said: “look! Is that enough for you?!!”, lest you would say: “his penis is big, I can't take it!”, or “it's small, and it doesn't satisfy me!”, and you get upset with me, and ask for a husband with a bigger tool)).

He also said: Sheikh Ali Abu-Khoodha (2-135): (( .. and he – may Allah be pleased with him – if he saw a woman of a young boy with no hair in his face, he used to molest him, and touch his buttocks, even if he was a son of a prince, or a son of a minister, even in the presence of his father, or someone else, and he never cared about people, or respected anyone)).

he also said (2-185): ((Sheikh Sha'baan Al-Majzoob – may Allah be pleased with him – he was one of the people of management in Egypt, and he used to foretell the events of the future, and my master – Ali Al-Khawwaas – may Allah be pleased with him, told me that Allah (swt) tells sheikh Sha'baan about what happens in every year since the seeing of its crescent, so when he sees the crescent, he knew everything that will happen to people (in this year))).

he said: (( .. and he used to recite other Suwar (Chapters) than the Suwar in the Qur'an on the chairs of Masaajid (Mosques) on Friday and other days as well, and nobody ever disapproved that of him, and the layman thinks that it's from Qur'an, because of the similarity of it with the Ayaat (verses of the Qur'an) in the ending of each one)).

and said: (( .. I overheard him once reciting beside a door of some house, using the way of the Fuqahaa' (reciters) who recite in houses, so I listened to what he says and I heard him saying: “and you are not true in your belief in Hood, and Allah (swt) sent to us some people with the Cities Overthrown (!) beating us and taking our money and we don't have any supporters” then he said: Allah (swt)! Please give the reward of what we recited of the precious talk in the sheets of this and that .. etc)).

he also said (2-142): (( Sheikh Ibrahim ul-3oryaan, may Allah be pleased with him, he used to fart in the presence of great men and says: this is the farting of that person, and swears on that, so the great man gets ashamed of him, he died – may Allah be pleased with him – in the year of nine hundred and thirty and some)).

.. he – may Allah be pleased with him – used to get on the platform and give a speech while he's nude ... and people used to have great delight)).

he also said: (( .. our sheikh, Abu Ali (the one we mentioned), sheikh 3beid was one of his group: and one of my trusted sources told me that he was with sheikh 3beed in a boat and it got stuck in mud, nobody could move it, so sheikh 3beed said: tie it in my eggs (testicles) and I'll get down and pull it, and so did they, then he pulled it with his eggs! Until it got out of mud into the sea, he – may Allah be pleased with him – died in the year of eight hundred and ninety and some)).

he said (2-87): (( .. my master, sheikh Muhammad Al-Ghamry, one of the companions of my master Ahmad uz-Zaahed – may Allah be pleased with him -, he was one of the people of knowledge and good deeds, and one of the poor and ascetic people, he walked in the way and it was easy and righteous, and his group in Al-Ma7allah Al-Koubraa and other places, were an example of politeness and diligence, he said: and my master Muhammad bin Shu3aib ul-Kheesy dropped in on him one day in his solitude and saw him sitting in the air, and he had seven eyes, so he said unto him: “the perfect of men is called Aba-l-3uyoon (the one that has eyes)”)).

he also said (2-88): (( .. our master and lord Shams ud-Deen ul-7anafy, may Allah be pleased with him was one of the great sheikhs of Egypt and the masters of people of knowledge, he had many great miracles and supernatural deeds)) till he said: (( .. and he is one of those whom Allah (swt) brought into existence, and gave him control over the universe)). Till he said: (( .. sheikh Abu-l-3abbas said: “and whenever I came to him while he was in solitude, I used to stand outside the door, and if he told me to enter, I entered, yet, if he didn't say anything I went back, one day I entered without taking permission, and there I saw a great lion, and I fainted, then when I woke up I went out and asked Allah (swt) to forgive me because of my entering without permission” then he said: “and he stayed in his solitude for seven years under the ground, he started it when he was fourteen”.

.. Sheikh Abu-l-3abbas – may Allah be pleased with him – said: and the sheikh never left this solitude till he heard a voice saying: O Muhammad! Go out, benefit people, three times, and he said in the third one: If you don't go it will be “Heyah”, the sheikh said: there's nothing after “Heyah” except seperation, the sheikh said: so, I stood up and went out to the Zawiyah (small Masjid) and there I saw on the shed, some people making wudu' (ablution), some of them had a yellow turban on his head, and some had a blue one, and some had a face like the face of a monkey, and some had the face of a pig, and others had a face like the moon, so, I knew that Allah (swt) gave me knowledge of the end of these people, and I went back and turned to Allah (swt) so he veiled what he showed me of these people's situations, and I became like normal people)).

he also said in the biography of Ali W7aish (2-149): (( .. he – may Allah be pleased with him – was one of those who are magnetized, those who have conditions ... he had some great miracles and supernatural things, and I met him one day)). Till he said: (( .. and whenever he saw a chief, or anyone he used to get him off his donkey and say to him: “hold its head so I can have sexual intercourse with it!”, and if the chief refused he gets nailed to the ground, and he could never move, yet, if he allowed him, he used to have great disgrace because of people passing by him)).

Sha'raany says about himself in his book: “the reason I attend the Mawild (birthday) of “Ahmad Al-Badawy” every year is that my sheikh, the knower of Allah (swt), “Muhammad Ash-Shinnawy” - may Allah be pleased with him – one of his family, made the covenant with me towards the face of my master Ahmad – may Allah be pleased with him – and he handed me, so the hand came out of the tomb! - between Ash-Sha'raany and Al-Badawy, about four centuries! - and it (the hand) gripped my hand and he said (Muhammad Ash-Shinnawy to Al-Badawy): “O Master! You take care of him, and make him under your observation!” so I heard “my master Ahmad” from inside the tomb saying: “yes”. And when I got married to my wife Fatimah, Um 3bd-ir-Rahmaan, and she was a virgin, I stayed for five months away from her (not touching her), so he came and took me and her, and he put a bed for us on the dome (of the tomb) which is on the left of people who enter, and he cooked the dessert for me, and called the live and the dead unto him, and said: “make her lose her virginity here! And it was on that night))
At-Tabaqaat (1-161).

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