Jumat, 13 November 2009

Komentar Ibnu Rusyd Terhadap Sufi

Ibn Rushd, the Muslim philosopher:

He said while counting deviant sects in his book “Manahijul Adillah Fee ‘Aqaadil Millah" 181:

This was the status of innovated sects with respect to Shari'ah. Each of these sects misunderstood Shari’ah in a way different than the other sects, claiming their understanding to be the objective of the Legislator. This tore the Shari’ah to several pieces, and distanced it from its original position.

The Legislator knew that this was likely to occur so He said: My nation will devide into 73 sects, all will be in the hell fire, except for one”. He meant by this "one" the sect which goes by the apparent verses of Shari'ah and does not misunderstand them.

When you look at the amount of deviation that has occured in the Ummah during this time, you will find that most of it was due to misunderstanding.

And the first to modify this great cure were: al-Khawarij, then Mu’tazilites, then Ash’aris, then Sufis. Then came Abu Hamed who caused the valley to landslide over the villages.