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Komentar Imam Malik Terhadap Sufi

Ibn al-Jawzi narrates in his book "Talbees Iblees" (the Deceptions of Satan) p. 392 that 'Abdul-Malek ibn Zeyad al-Naseebi said: We were with [Imam] Malik when I mentioned to him the Sufis in my state, I said: They wear the most luxurious garments from Yemen, and they do so and so. He said: Woe to you, are these Muslims?! He said: He then laughed until he lied on his back.

One of his companions sitting with him said to me: O you, we never saw any who is a greater of a calamity on this Shaykh [i.e. Imam Malik] then you, this is the first time ever we see him laugh.

A similar story was mentioned in the book "Tarteeb Al-Madarik wa Taqreeb Al-Masalik" (2/54) by Al-Qadi 'Iyad, from the narration of 'Abdul-Allah ibn Yusuf al-Taneesi, who was present during this story, and is one of the famous companions of Imam Malik.

Al-Taneesi said: We were with Malik, and his companions were around him when a man, from the people of Nasibeen, said: O Abu 'Abdullah (i.e. Imam Malik) we have people that are called al-Soufia (the Sufis) that eat a lot, then recite poetry, and then stand up and dance.

Malik said: Are they small kids?
The man replied: No.

He then asked: Are they Madmen (crazy or insane)?
The man replied: No, they are old people and over that they are sane

Malik said: I never heard that anyone of the people of Islam would do such a thing.

The man added: They eat, and then stand up and dance, some of them hitting their heads, and others slapping their faces.

Imam Malik laughed, and then stood up, and entered his house.

Imam Malik's companions said to the man, you were a misfortune on our companion, we sat with him for thirty-something years and never saw him laugh except on this day.

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